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Stimulating Innovation - Now Closed

The 'Stimulating Innovation' programme supported businesses to commercialise new products and services, or develop innovative process management through a range of activities:

  • Innovation Brokers were engaged to champion the concept of innovation and engaged with businesses to provide information and knowledge, enthusing and equipping them with the information they require to become innovation-ready.

  • Ideation Events were held to specifically target the development of innovation capability in Birmingham-based businesses by helping them identify opportunities to innovate and develop new ideas.

  • Innovation Management service developed and raised the level of innovation capacity in companies by breaking down cultural and organisational barriers and increasing strategic focus on innovation through:
    • tailored workshops to respond to the specific needs of businesses and
    • innovation clinics that offered one-to-one support to address specific issues that companies must overcome.

  • Innovation Advice helped businesses frame their innovation opportunities. Specialist innovation advisers worked with them to undertake an initial assessment of their ideas. If suitable, the innovation advisers then worked with the business to develop a detailed action plan that clearly identified the resources and expertise required to commercially exploit those opportunities.

  • Innovation implementation enabled companies committed to embracing the principles of innovation into their core business operation, to drive that innovation forward successfully by allowing access to a number of solutions-based services sourced from via Higher Education Institute collaborations, public and private sectors services to meet their specific needs.

  • Innovation Grant of up to £2,000 (matched by the business at 50%) was available to assist businesses implement their innovative product, service or process.

A copy of the brochure published at the time is below.
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Last Updated : 28th November 2013 - Project now closed - Page no longer being updated