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Equality, Diversity and Social Inclusion

Birmingham’s Sport and Leisure Service believes that everyone in Birmingham deserves an excellent, fairness for all and unbiased public service that reflects everyone’s individual needs and circumstances. Furthermore, that all members of the community have a right to equality of opportunity and social justice in the way they are treated

We believe that:

  • Diversity is seen as a strength
  • People's differences are understood and respected
  • Leisure centres and pools are accessible to as many people as possible
  • Our workforce reflects the community we serve
  • There is zero tolerance of unlawful discrimination and harassment of any kind
  • We will promote equality, diversity and social inclusion amongst other public sector providers and partners in the services they provide.
  • By listening to our customers we can continually improve our service for all

You can find detailed information about the access to all kinds of places including our leisure centres at www.disabledgo.com

We also organise and support various sporting and cultural events which we aim to make as inclusive as possible.

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