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Birmingham City Council

Smarter Choices Team

Smarter Choices Team

Helping people make smarter, safer travel choices - reducing CO2 - staying safe - keeping fit.

Birmingham City Council has made a pledge to reduce our CO2 emissions, protect our most vulnerable citizens, and encourage healthier lifestyles. By providing road safety education and cycle training courses, encouraging walk to school or work initiatives, and showcasing the variety of public transport options, the Smarter Choices Team helps to tackle these aims head on. Responsible for promoting sustainable travel, the team focuses on two target areas:


We work with schools to deliver road safety education and cycle training, helping to keep Birmingham children safe and improve health issues. We encourage schools to get involved with sustainable travel through the production of a School Travel Plan to look at infrastructure, training and walk to school and cycle to school initiatives.


Many companies are already realising the benefits of becoming more sustainable and reducing their CO2 emisions. We also work with large employers, helping them to raise awareness of the benefits of different travel choices, such as walking, cycling, bus, tram and car share. A Company Travel Plan helps companies to explore infrastructure, training and promotion.

If you would like to further information about work of the Smarter Choices Team or cycle training, contact smarterchoices@birmingham.gov.uk or telephone 0121 303 7683.