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Birmingham Smart City

Birmingham’s Smart City aspirations are being led by Cllr James McKay, Cabinet Member for Green, Safe and Smart City.

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The vision statement of Birmingham’s Smart City Commission has been published and sets out the huge ambition for Birmingham that will shape the technological solutions and partnerships to deal with the cities immediate and future challenges. 

Birmingham, like many cities, faces significant challenges. We need to move to a low carbon economy and adapt to climate change. As more and more people live in cities and population increases, we need to get better at managing our resources such as energy and housing; the national and financial situation has compounded many of the inequalities of the city; some of the areas of the city are extremely deprived; wages are lower, more people are unemployed, and the health outcome of residents are poorer in these places.
Our aim is to embed a capability for smart and sustainable re-invention into the way the city is organised and in the way new business is created to deliver a step-change in Birmingham’s economic growth, well-being and prosperity.

The Digital Birmingham team would welcome your views and involvement following on from this to develop the detailed action plan and roadmap.