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Document Library

The Document Library holds a variety of policies, leaflets and reports published by the Council. Documents are available free to download or a paper copy can be requested and where there is a charge, paid for online.

Document Library Help Topics

Searching The Document Library
Search Results Page
Downloading Documents
Requesting Free Paper Documents
Paying for Documents Online

You can search for documents using the search form by entering one or more of the criteria, or you can search alphabetically using the Document Library A-Z.

Searching The Document Library

Searching The Document Library

  • Document Title
    Search by document title if you know the name of the document you are looking for e.g. "Contact Birmingham A-Z Council Services". If you are not certain of the full title, you can search on part of the title, e.g. "contact Birmingham".

  • Keywords
    Search for keywords associated with the document you are searching for e.g. Planning, Housing, Blue Badge, Archaeology.

  • Status
    Search for documents that are in the consultation process or have been approved for use.

  • Category
    Filter your search for the type of document you are looking for e.g. policy document, report, leaflet.

  • Ward
    You can select a document that has been developed for a specific ward. To search documents relating to all wards leave this option set to "- Please Select -"

  • Search by A-Z Listing
    The A-Z listings will bring back documents in alphabetical order depending on the letter selected. By clicking on the 'All' link all documents held within the Document Library will be returned.

Search Results Page

The search results give a detailed summary of the documents held in the library that match your search criteria. The search results pages provide the following information:

  • Document title
  • Description
  • Date of publication
  • File type
  • Link to a free downloadable copy (if applicable)
  • Link to request a free paper copy (if applicable)
  • The file size (if a download version is available)
  • The cost of the document if there is a charge

If you cannot find the document you require, try the main website search engine in the top right corner of the page. If you still cannot find the document you require please contact us giving as much detail as you can.

Downloading Documents

If a download is available the text of the document title will be displayed as a blue underlined link. Select the link to begin the download.

The document will open allowing you to view, save or print a copy if required. Once the document has opened you can return to your search results using the back button in your browser.

Requesting Free Paper Copies

The Document Library allows you to order documents that are too large to place on the website or are not available in an electronic format. In this case the document search results will;

  • Not include a link to the document in the title.
  • The file type information will be displayed as 'hard copy'
  • The price will be displayed as £0.00

Click on the 'request a paper copy' link which will take you to a form to complete. Your details will then be sent to the relevant department who will send the document by post. You will need to provide all the necessary details to allow the relevant department to process your request.

Paying For Documents Online

Some documents within the library are not available free of charge. You can request a copy of these documents and pay for them online by credit or debit card.

The price of a document is displayed on the search results summary page. Select the 'request a paper copy' link which will take you to a form to complete. Please provide your details as this will enable the relevant department to process your request.

Once you have completed this form you will be given a summary of your selected document title and cost. Once you have confirmed that you would like to continue with this order you will be transferred to the secure WorldPay site to enter your credit or debit card details.