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Planning Applicants' Survey

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The purpose of this survey is

  • to establish our customers' needs
  • to assess satisfaction levels of customers - we aim for an 80% satisfaction level
  • to identify areas for improvement to the planning application service

This ongoing customer satisfaction survey is sent to Planning Applicants who have received a decision on a Planning Application. They are analysed quarterly and published annually. The last 4 year's overall customer satisfaction ratings are shown below in the graph


Listed below are 5 key questions contained within the customer satisfaction survey including a graph to show response rates over the last 4 years

1. Did you feel sufficiently informed about the planning applications process before applying for Planning Permission?

2. How would you rate the quality of the pre-application advice service?

3. When you contacted us by phone about planning permission, how would you rate our service?

4. How would you rate the overall professionalism of the Planning Officer?

5. How would you rate our service overall?


Analysis and review

Over the last 4 years there has been a gradual but significant improvement in the overall satisfaction rating of the service in relation to planning applications.

Here are some of the Compliments we have received

  • Excellent Planning Officer
  • Excellent guidance through the Planning process
  • My architect oversaw the application but I was impressed by everything
  • Overall a really good service compared to other authorities and an exemplar of the planning function
  • Generally an excellent service and on time
  • An excellent service administered with efficiency and courtesy

Here are some of your Comments and our responses to those comments

  • Would like more updates on the progress of an application - We are in the process of updating the FAQs shown on the reverse of Planning acknowledgement letters
  • Would like direct access to Planning Officers - Planning officers are now accessible using direct dial telephone numbers to their appropriate area team
  • We would welcome responses to all correspondence sent to the planning department – A number of improvements have been made here,
  1. Officers out of office messages have been updated to reflect officer availability,
  2. Update our information leaflet to advise that we do not acknowledge all letters due to high volumes,
  3. Introduced a tracking system so that all correspondence is responded to accordingly

Find out how we turned your comments, complaints and compliments into service improvements

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Last Updated : 10th November 2014