Birmingham City Council

OPTICITIES - Optimise citizens' mobility in the urban environment

Birmingham City Council is a member of the OPTICITIES consortium which is participating in a three year Research and Technical Development project led by the city of Lyon as project coordinator. Partner cities are Madrid, Torino, Gothenburg and Wroclaw, who are supported by 25 participants, including major international ITS industry players from eight EU member states.

This three year project, which started on 1st November 2013, is co-funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme. The aim of this 13 million Euro project is to assist European cities to tackle complex mobility challenges through the optimisation of their existing transport networks.

Birmingham's main activity is the development of enhanced road network supervision capability and management efficiency for the Strategic Road Network. To achieve this, Birmingham and her partner organisations, will develop, test and demonstrate a Decision Support Tool that will use predictive techniques to forecast problems on the road network. This will result in the implementation of defined strategies that maximise the efficiency of the road network, and our control over it, in terms of managing congestion and dealing with disruptive incidents and events. This approach will have a direct benefit to all road users, with public transport and freight operators gaining significant operational benefit through improved journey time reliability and less disruption.

In February Birmingham hosted the first project meeting on the development of the Decision Support Tool, with partners from Lyon, Spie and Amey.

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