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Next Generation Science Park - Now Closed

The Next Generation Science Park was a 2-year EU-funded project. It aimed to develop and implement good practice and regional policies for how to:-

  • design and build a Science Park, or a group of Science Parks, that supports regional development,
  • facilitate exchange between industry and Higher Education Institutions,
  • provide facilities to enhance business growth and competitiveness; and
  • attract national and direct foreign investment in the region.

Science Parks can facilitate the link between public organisations, large companies, small to medium sizes enterprises (SMEs), and university researchers and students by providing a platform for the exchange and transfer of knowledge and technology.

How do we do it

The project involved 5 partner regions across Europe, which had several interesting ongoing initiatives to share and build on including:

  • Sachsen-Anhalt (Central Germany)
  • Vastra Gotaland (Sweden)
  • Lower Silesia (Poland)
  • The Tuscany Region (Italy)
  • West Midland UK. (We were the organisation representing West Midlands.)

The project involved a series of experience exchange workshops in the partner regions. The workshops aimed to spread learning from each region and further enhance and embed good practices on how to design, manage and inform strategies for regional policy development to support Science Parks.

Key Areas

6 areas were identified as of critical importance for any Science Park striving to develop their activities in a beneficial way. These areas were the focal point of analysis which provided answers to the questions identified below. The first area is on a regional level, and the following five on an organisational level:

1. How can regional authorities strategically govern a group of Science Parks?

2. How can Science Parks interact with SMEs in order for them to take active part in Science Park activities and projects?

3. How can Science Parks collaborate dynamically with Higher Education Institutions to support the development of education programs that better meet the demands of society and industry and that enable students to acquire real-world experience as part of their education?

4. How can Science Parks attract investments from national and foreign companies?

5. How can Science Parks support the creation of Public Private Partnerships with the goal of conducting demonstration projects in an open innovation environment?

6. How can Science Parks support entrepreneurship, research based start-ups and innovative SMEs through incubation and other means?

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Last Updated : 28th November 2013 - Project now closed - Page no longer being updated