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Motorcycling In Birmingham

Sales of mopeds and scooters have risen by 60% within the last 12 months as the benefits of using powered two wheels to beat traffic congestion become more apparent. The days when motorcycles were seen as noisy and oily are over. Modern machines offer a quiet, clean and relatively inexpensive means of transport both for commuting and leisure purposes.

A collection of British motorcycles is on view at the purpose built National Motorcycle Museum complex

Motorcycling Safety

A motorcycle is only as safe as its rider. The most common cause of vehicle accidents is pilot error. This can be in the form of riding in an inappropriate manner for the road environment or failing to respond to changing local conditions.

Mirrors, fit them and use them.
Observation - see and be seen.
Training, a must for beginners and useful for all.
Other road users can cause danger - be aware.
Ride with care - leave safe distances.
Clothing - leathers are safest, don't forget boots & gloves.
Your Bike, Your Life, Your Decision.
Conspicuity helps but don't assume you've been seen.
Lifesaver, one good look will reveal all.
Insurance, get the best cover you can afford.
Security - lock it, 20,000 bikes are stolen each year.
Think you know it all - Think Again!