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Making Knowledge Work - Now Closed

'Making Knowledge Work’ (MKW) was a Capitalisation project that aimed to exploit ideas and foster smart sustainable growth by exchanging experiences on how regions support the process of commercialisation of R&D results.

The 14 partners observed that excellent research does not always find its way into commercially valuable innovations as excellent ideas of universities, researchers, companies and inventors in the regions are often not turned into innovative services and products. MKW bridged this gap within the innovation chain through concrete policy action involving key stakeholders and innovation actors capitalising on a range of available good practice.

MKW analysed and transferred successful actions that stimulate the take up of innovative ideas and knowledge in the regions. The project applied a combined micro- and meso-level approach as it addresses micro-level projects as well as the necessary meso-level structures, platforms and mechanisms to make these successful activities fit into the specific regional ecosystems.

MKW mainstreams good practices that involve all actors of the triple helix, such as:

  • activities that pick up and valorise unused ideas and patents from universities or larger companies;
  • good practices that put researchers in contact with potential launching customers;
  • public authorities stimulating innovation;
  • improving the availability and access to seed capital;
  • strategies to address intellectual property and manage patents.

MKW achieved intensive stakeholder involvement, which was a prerequisite for successful policy mainstreaming in the increasingly complex intra-regional stakeholder landscapes that characterise successful triple-helix interactions.

See the YouTube clip below to find out more about Making Knowledge Work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBc-7UznGG0

Pages from the press statement released at the time are below.

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Last Updated : 28th November 2013 - Project now closed - Page no longer being updated