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Equality Information for the Place Directorate

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To comply with the law, and to go beyond, we need to monitor the different characteristics and needs of our customers and staff.
This page provides equalities and diversity information for the Place Directorate.

Birmingham City Council believes that considering equality is not just about meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, it also means promoting fairness and equal opportunities for all its customers and staff.

To comply with the law, and to go beyond, we need to monitor the different characteristics and needs of our customers and staff. If we don’t collect relevant information; such as age, race, sex etc; we can never know if we are addressing equalities issues.

Read our Equality Information report, attached below, or choose a link from the list below to find out more about how the different Place Directorate service areas are tackling equality issues.

Please see the 2015-16 Place directorate Equality Assessment schedules below. These show the different types of Equality Assessments the directorate has undertaken during the year.

Equality Information - Customer Service Excellence Accreditation

The Place Directorate was successful in retaining the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) award in December 2014. Services that were accredited as part of the directorate assessment were: Bereavement Services, Birmingham Resilience Team, Fleet & Waste Management, Markets, Parks & Nature Conservation, Neighbourhood Advice and Information Service, Sport and Leisure, Events, Highways, and Performance & Support Services.

In 2013/14 to demonstrate our commitment towards providing excellent customer services to the citizens of Birmingham the Place Directorate produced the attached Directorate Customer Charter which sets out our overarching standards.

Find out more about Birmingham City Council's Equality and Diversity Service.

The Place Directorate services include:

Adult Education; Bereavement Services; Car Parking; Community and Play; Community Development; Community Libraries and Leisure Centres; Coroners and Mortuary; Environmental Health and Protection; Equalities, Social Cohesion and Community Safety; Events; Highways and Resilience; Housing Management and Repairs; Illegal Money Lending; Licensing; Localisation and Devolution; Markets; Neighbourhood Advice & Information Service; Parks; Pest Control; Private Rented Sector Housing; Refuse Collection and Recycling; Register Office; Regulatory Services; Scambusters; School Crossing Patrols; Sport; Street Cleansing; Trading Standards; Youth & Connexions.

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