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Kingfisher Country Park Volunteers

The 2 CV's - Project Kingfisher needs your help!

With over seven miles of the Cole Valley to look after, the Rangers are unable to carry out many of the conservation tasks that need to be done to make the Valley better for wildlife. These tasks cover a wide range, including tree planting, rubbish removal, footpath work and pond restoration.

The Rangers will be organising one Conservation Day each month (usually a Sunday) when volunteers are invited to join them working in the Valley.

Don't worry if you can't come on every workday, but if you just spare a few days a year it will make a big difference to the work that can be carried out.

All the Rangers ask is that you by email sending your full contact details to Projectkingfisher@birmingham.gov.uk. You will then be informed about each Conservation Day and the tasks to be carried out - the rest is up to you!

What you need to know:

1.Skills and experience - none required except a willingness to have a go at most things
2.Working conditions - often cold, wet and dirty
3.Work hours - maximum of one day per month, usually on a Sunday 10.30am - 4pm
4.Pay - none (but the Rangers make great tea!)
5.Suitable age range - 16 to 96 years
6.Lunch break and canteen facilities - don't be silly! (bring a packed lunch)
7.Fringe benefits - no membership cards and definitely no trendy T-shirts
8.Training - yes! - you will be trained in various tasks and the use of the necessary tools during each workday.
9.Job satisfaction - yes! - you will have the satisfaction of helping your local environment and its wildlife. This is a chance to join the millions of people worldwide who are all striving, through their own small actions, to make the world a greener and better place. Don't just watch it on television - DO IT!

You can talk to us on 0121 464 3131 or e-mail Projectkingfisher@birmingham.gov.uk

Kingfisher Country Park