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Help with your homework


This 24 hour, 'live-chat' and email reference service is staffed by librarians. Ask your question in real time or request an e-mail reply. More details about Enquire.

Weblinks A-Z by Topic

Lots of useful websites in an easy to use A-Z list of topics, including design and technology, citizenship, environment and history.

Special Websites free to you

Use our special websites to find up to date and accurate information easily that could take you ages by trawling through other websites. They're not freely available on the internet because they charge a fee to the public, but we have paid the subscription so you don't have to! You can use them for free in any Birmingham Library or if you have a Birmingham Library card you can use these websites from home, school or college.

Hot Topics

Our Hot Topics webpages provide you with information and weblinks on contemporary and controversial subjects - Capital Punishment, Abortion, Human Rights, War Against Terrorism, GM Food and more...

Subject Information in Central Library

Each floor of Central Library has books and other resources which can be used for project work, including DVDs, maps, original historical documents and more. Find out more about Central Library, or have a look at our special webpages on Tolkien, Shakespeare or World War II.

Exam Papers in Central Library

Central Library keeps recent exam papers for GCSE and A Level subjects for a range of examination boards. These are updated each year. Have a look at the list of papers.

GCSE Survival Guide

Free internet access, space to study, past exam papers, printing/copying and more. Whether it's coping with stress, organising your revision, or brushing up on a particular subject, the GCSE Survival Guide from Central Library can point you in the right direction.

No Worries

Homework Support Sessions

Our free Homework Support Sessions give you the chance to get extra help from trained staff plus access to the internet and photocopying. Just drop in when your nearest session is on.

Homework Material and Computers in Libraries

Homework Collections in libraries include Study Guides and information on National Curriculum topics. Plus computers for internet access and word processing.

SmartPass English Literature Audio Guides

SmartPass guides can help you with English Literature homework including GSCE and SATs revision. These audio CDs include readings from the text interspersed with guidance on subjects such as themes, character and imagery.

Homework and Revision Websites

General websites to help with homework and exams such as online dictionaries, encyclopaedia and BBC revision.

Children's Subject Index

In Libraries, all the information books are put on the shelves according to their subject and each subject has its own number. Find out how you can use the Children's Subject Index to find the books you need.

Homework Quizzes

Test your general knowledge. If you get stuck you can follow the links and look for clues online. We've included the answers on another page so you can see how well you scored - but no cheating! There are now five to choose from - Quiz Challenge, Homework Quiz 2006, Homework Quiz 2008 and Subscription Websites quiz 2008.

What's in Libraries for Young People?