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Once you have provided us with your Building Notice, (and it is accepted), you will receive an acknowledgement and inspection framework in the post by return. This will include your allocated Application Number, (please quote this on any future dealings with us), along with the relevant Contact/Telephone Number. Requests for Site Inspections need to be directed to this number.


TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0121 675 7006 / FAX NUMBER 0121 464 9331

Or alternatively use our 24 hour Ansaphone 0121 464 9331

Or use our Online Site Inspection Booking Form at www.birmingham.gov.uk/buildingconsultancy

Upon request (minimum of 48 hours (2 working days) notice from the submission of your application) a Building Control Surveyor will inspect the relevant stages of construction. Where a site inspection framework is applicable, it is important that you or your appointed builder/contractor adheres to it. Unnecessary or additional requests will incur an additional charge.

Once the project has been completed to the Building Control Surveyor's satisfaction, this will result in the issue of a formal completion certificate.

For particularly complex projects, e.g. a loft conversion, the Building Control Surveyor may request additional details prior to confirming compliance.


Note 1: This form should be returned to the address quoted below:

Birmingham City Council
Development Directorate
Building and Consultancy Services
PO Box 2062, 3rd Floor
1 Lancaster Circus Queensway
Birmingham B4 7DY

A Building Notice submission is only valid if received with the relevant fee (where applicable).

Cash payments can only be accepted between 9.00 am-5.00 pm (4.00 pm on Friday).

Credit Card payments can only be accepted between 9.00 am-4.00 pm

Booking a Site Inspection: Requests can be made between 8.00 am and 5.15 pm (Monday to Thursday), 4.15 pm (Friday). Please note next day site inspections can only be processed if received before 4.00 pm on the previous working day.

Please advise us of any cancellations as soon as possible quoting your application reference number.

Note 2:

The 'Estimated Cost' (Table 2) is the full cost of the work and must be based upon a reasonable market rate (even if undertaken on a DIY basis). VAT and any professional fees, i.e., Architect, Engineer, Land Acquisition costs may be discounted from this calculation. In addition, decorative finishes, floor coverings and fittings which are not subject to the Building Regulations can therefore be excluded.

Note 3: A Building Notice for replacement windows is ONLY required where the installer is not a member of a recognised self certification scheme FENSA. Registered installers are licensed to proceed without the need to submit a formal application to the Council.
Note 4: This option should be used where the ONLY work being undertaken is 'notifiable electrical work' and the installer is qualififed to 17th Edition Standard and able to inspect and test to BS7671. In order to speed up the issue of your completion certificate, it is advisable to supply a copy of your relevant qualifications and final inspection/test results with this notice. If your electrical contractor is unable to certify to this level then you must submit a separate 'Part P Electrical' Building Notice.
Note 5: We must protect Public funds and may use the information you have provided on this form to prevent and detect fraud. We may also share this information for the same purposes with other organisations which handle Public funds.
Note 6: If you experience any problems with completing this form, please contact us.


DOMESTIC CLASSIFICATIONS (All charges include VAT at 20%)

A: A detached garage/carport exceeding 30m² but not exceeding 60m² (internal metric floor area).

PLEASE NOTE: A detached garage less than 30m² may be exempt from Building Regulations. See more comprehensive information on our website or contact us.

B: An extension that is less than 5m² (internal metric floor area) £250.00
C: An extension that is less than 10m² (internal metric floor area).
D: An extension that is over 10m² but less than 40m² (internal metric floor area).
E: An extension that is over 40m² but not exceeding 60m² (internal metric floor area).
F: An extension that is over 60m² but less than 100m² (internal metric floor area).

NB: Where an extension exceeds 100m² charges must be calculated from [Table 2] below using a reasonable market rate. The resultant charge should not be less than the 60m²-100m² category.


A loft conversation comprising of a floor area less than 50m² or two rooms.

NB: Where a loft conversion is undertaken at the same time as an extension a reduced Building Notice charge of £245.00 will be applicable.

H: Any other domestic alterations valued at less than £5,000 undertaken at the same time as an extension from one of the categories listed above.
£ 50.00
I: Any other work to a domestic building to be calculated from the Table below using an 'estimate of cost' (this must be based on a reasonable market rate).

Estimated cost of the work (see Guidance Note 2). £_______________

J: Installation of replacement windows (not installed by a FENSA Registered Company). (See Guidance Note 3).
£ 75.00
K: Notifiable electrical work (only) undertaken by a registered electrician who is qualified to 17th Edition Standard and can certify to BS7671. (See Guidance Note 4).
£ 75.00


If your work falls into one of the above categories this must be used. Reference to the table below should only be made where the work is outside of the scope of the set categories above.

Where more than one storey is involved the combined internal floor area should be used to calculate the fee.

Where different elements of work are shown upon the plans it may be that more than one charge is payable.

Table 2: Charges based upon estimated cost of work VAT Included
Estimated Cost Band Total Payable

Not exceeding £2,000

Exceeding £2,000 but not exceeding £5,000



Exceeding £5,000 but not exceeding £20,000 plus

For every £1,000 (or part thereof) in excess of £5,000 add

£198.00 plus


Exceeding £20,000 but not exceeding £100,000 plus

For every £1,000 (or part thereof) in excess of £20,000 add

£360.00 plus