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Dudley Road Local Plan - Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

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Please Note : This document has now been revoked and is no longer in use

The Local Plan for Dudley Road Shopping Centre (adopted in 2001) has been prepared to help ensure it remains a thriving local centre at the heart of the local community. It does this by providing a framework to guide future investment to facilitate the centre's revitalisation.

The Plan deals with matters such as

  • further improvements to the overall environment of the shopping area
  • development of unused land and property
  • better access to public transport
  • improvements to buildings, and
  • improvements to amenity space

The plan contains detailed policies and proposals relating to shopping, the environment, community facilities, access to and around the centre, new development opportunities, and open space, to help create a better environment to live, work, shop, and conduct business.

Please note that the shopping policy (Policy 1) contained in this document has been superseded by the Shopping and Local Centres SPD, adopted in March 2012.

A copy of the Dudley Road Local Plan is below along with a map showing the area covered by the proposals.

Document Status : Statutory Development Plan Document - Adopted November 2001- Revoked 2013

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Last Updated : 5th June 2013 Document Revoked - Page no longer being updated.