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Digital Handsworth Project

The Digital Handsworth Project has made the history of the Ancient Parish of Handsworth available via the internet. The Parish is much bigger than the area generally thought of now as Handsworth stretching from Handsworth, Handsworth Wood and Hamstead to cover Perry Barr, Oscott and Kingstanding.

The Digital Handsworth web site is live at:

From mediaeval village
To heart of the industrial revolution
To today's multicultural suburb
Who were the movers and shakers?
Who lived here?
Who moved here?
When? and Why?

  • What did the area look like . . .10 years ago . . . 50 years ago . . .
  • 100 years ago . . . could you find your street on a 250 year old map?
  • Who lived in your house 50 years ago?
  • Would you like to find out?

We have put the history of the Ancient Parish of Handsworth from its beginnings as a medieval village to the present day onto a website. Your History - Your Story

At the library we have a lot of official documents relating to the history of the area. But they only tell part of the Handsworth story. Do you or any members of your family live, work, worship in the area above? Is your community group active in the area? Your own, or your family story or the history of your community organisation is an important part of the history of Handsworth. Any history of the area is incomplete if we don include the contribution made by the ordinary people.

Benjamin Stone
Vanley Burke: Handsworth from the inside
Pogus Caesar
The Warwickshire Photographic Survey
Boulton, Watt and Murdoch
Hot Air Over Handsworth: Lieutenant Lempriere
Handsworth in the Blitz
Wish you were here? Handsworth on postcards