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Dance Mats and Target Walls

Dance Mats and Target Walls

Dance Mats and Target Walls are the latest craze to keep kids fit. They help children with timing, agility, coordination and offer a great cardio-vascular workout too.

The interactive use of exercise to music with Dance Mats is a popular alternative to traditional forms of exercise. The best thing about a dance mat has to be how much fun it is.

Likewise, use of the Sportwall helps children develop skills in a variety of other sports and aids concentration and teamwork.

Children can use the equipment at the following centres:

• Handsworth Leisure Centre
• Small Heath Leisure Centre
• Moseley School Health & Fitness Centre
• Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre (classes currently not running - please contact the centre for further information)

This also makes a great idea for great children’s parties.