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Acocks Green Village Partnership

Acocks Green Village Partnership

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Acocks Green Village Partnership Logo

.In early 2008 a Town Centre Manager was appointed to support the rejuvenation of the commercial centre in Acocks Green known as he Village Since then the Town Centre Manager has been working with local businesses and people to deliver projects that bring people together to make the Village a place where people choose to shop more and where businesses flourish.

The Village has served local people with a variety of retail outlets for many years but, as with most local shopping facilities, faces ever-increasing competition from major shopping centres.

In June 2008 Acocks Green Village Partnership was formed to capture and drive forward local aspirations, tackle challenges and exploit new opportunities. We are currently working on a strategy and action plan for the Village.

Our priorities reflect those of the Council Plan 2008-2013 and in particular include:

  • Succeed economically
  • Stay safe in a clean, green city
  • Enjoy a high quality of life
  • Make a contribution valuing one another and playing an active part in the community.

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Acocks Green Village Partnership (AGVP) was established in June 2008 as a partnership that represents key groups in the village with an interest in the future development and improvement of Acocks Green Village. It brings together representatives of local businesses, elected members, council officers and representatives of statutory agencies and residents.

By bringing together these representatives we can identify a clear direction for the village that captures local peoples aspirations and businesses needs and helps shape the priorities of the council and the police.

AGVP feeds into the Acocks Green Ward Development Plan and the Yardley Constituency Plan as well as partner organisations' plans.

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Acocks Green Neighbourhood Policing Team
Acocks Green Traders Association
Birmingham City Council
Councillor Penny Wagg
Stockfield Community Association
Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum
Fox Hollies Green Neighbourhood Forum
Churches Together at Acocks Green
Acocks Green Extended Schools Cluster
Greenfield Neighbourhood Forum
National Express (formerly Travel West Midlands)
Town Centre Manager

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Putting the Green Back Into Acocks Green

This project is about bringing together local people and businesses to make the village a more attractive place where people choose to shop more. Acocks Green Community Council got the project started with a £2000 contribution, which has helped pay for colourful floral displays on pedestrian crossings around the village.

Volunteers have been giving their time at weekends and evenings for weeding and pruning, digging and planting to create pockets of vibrant colour around the village.

Businesses have got involved by having their own planted containers outside their shops and others have held collections in their stores. We are hoping that everyone enthusiasm and commitment to brightening up the village will continue into next year so that we can enter Britain in Bloom

A Cleaner Village to Shop In

Businesses are working with the Town Centre Manager to stamp out littering and make the village a more attractive place to shop. The focus of the project started out as more bins where they are needed, a poster campaign to remind people that littering is a crime and, if necessary enforcement action where people caught littering face a £75 fine.

Some of the bins are already in place with more on their way. Posters are to be displayed in shops around the village and the Traders Association has given its support by proposing that businesses have their own cigarette bins outside their premises with three businesses already having their own cigarette bins installed.
Whilst it is common for bars and restaurants to have cigarette bins outside their premises, it is much more unusual to have other High Street businesses do so.

Of course we would rather people spend £75 in the local shops than face a fine so hopefully our new bins and posters will drive the message home.

A Safe Acocks Green

As well as making the village an attractive place to shop, it important that people feel safe. Here in Acocks Green we already have fairly low levels of crime but fear of crime tends to be higher than actual figures so we want to make sure people feel safe and if a crime is committed we can respond as best as possible. The Village has a CCTV system, Radio Link and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who all work together to keep crime down.

We are encouraging more businesses to join Radio Link - a CB radio scheme that links all the members together to share information on suspicious behaviour and to track people committing crimes. Our neighbourhood policing team are on Radio Link as well as many of the retailers. Businesses are being encouraged to get involved by attending workshops to tackle shoplifting, which the Police are also involved in and other schemes are in the pipeline to keep Acocks Green safe.

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30.01.09 Village Smokers Targeted With Health, Safety & Littering Messages

Give Up Smoking

Smokers who shop in Acocks Green Village were targeted with two potentially life-saving messages and one to help their pockets this week when the NHS, local firefighters and environmental wardens dropped in to a local shopping centre.

In a month where many smokers traditionally try to kick the habit, Stop Smoking Advisors from Birmingham East and North Primary Care Trust were in the main shopping area to promote a Smoking Advice Line and a website for those who are thinking about or already trying to quit.

West Midlands Fire Service is also backing calls for people to give up smoking, for the health benefits for the people concerned but also because of the fire risks caused by cigarettes and other smoking materials.

Firefighters from Hay Mills were on hand to talk to shoppers and promote the "Put it Out. Right Out" message.

And last but not least our own Environmental Wardens were on hand to remind people about the environmental damage caused by littering with their cigarette ends, the risk of fixed penalty notices and giving out free pocket size bins for smokers cigarette ends.

21.11.08 Family Entertainment Line Up For Village 'Switch On'

People in Acocks Green were invited to a vibrant Switch On event on Monday 1st December for this year Christmas Lights.

Live music, including a steel band and local group opened the event, followed by prayer led by Churches Together in Acocks Green. Then it was on to the switching on of the lights, which this year was undertaken by Hughes Fruits - picked at random from the businesses that contribute to the lights fund.

Following the Switch On, people enjoyed refreshments and carol singing by local school children in Route 44, next-door to the Inn on the Green.

Festive Lights Switch-on Poster

The Festive Lights are funded by Birmingham City Council, the local community and traders and the Switch On event is all down to the hard work of two local community organisations - Acocks Green Community Council and Churches Together in Acocks Green.

20.11.08 Have Your Say on Village Shopping

Village Survey Notice

Residents in and around Acocks Green have been letting Birmingham City Council know what they think about their local shopping facilities and what their priorities are.

Its part of a plan by Acocks Green Village Partnership which represents local people, businesses, the police and the city council to rejuvenate the shopping area and the plan starts with finding out exactly what matters to local people.

The survey includes important issues such as cleanliness, choice of shops, shop frontages and car parking.

Already hundreds of shoppers have had their say, with surveys being available in the library and village cafes, as well as street surveys taking place.

24.07.08 Businesses Join Battle Against Village Littering

Efforts by the city council to keep the streets clean in Acocks Green Village are being boosted by the local Traders Association.

Association member and independent trader Exchange for Pounds was the first to back a proposal by the Traders Association for businesses to have their own cigarette boxes on their frontages, with Ladbrokes Bookmakers quickly adding their support.

Whilst it common for bars and restaurants to have cigarette bins outside their premises, it is much more unusual to have other High Street businesses do so.

"The village has a daily street cleansing service but it impossible to keep up with the number of cigarettes being stubbed out and left on the pavement. This is a quick, affordable and very effective way to do our bit to smarten up the village." Marie Tolster

People who drop litter, including cigarette butts face fines of £75 if caught. Of course we rather people spend £75 in the local shops than face a fine.

01.07.08 Colourful Treat for Acocks Green Shoppers this Summer

Flower boxes

Businesses and the community have dug deep this summer to make Acocks Green Village burst with colour. Contributions from the city council, community organisation Acocks Green Community Council and local builders merchants EH Smith have kick-started the "Putting The Green Back Into Acocks Green" project that is getting the backing of local traders.

Pedestrian crossings draped in summer flowering, shop frontages dotted with pots of floral colour and pockets of new flower beds springing up are all helping to make the village a vibrant place to shop this summer. The project is one of many pieces of work taking place to support the city council plan to develop clean, thriving and attractive local neighbourhoods in the area. It is a wonderful example of how local businesses, the community and the city council can pull together to help make our village a place where people choose to shop more and where businesses can thrive.

23.06.08 Village Cooks up Great Flavours for All
Acocks Green shoppers were in for a tasty treat one Saturday in June thanks to a number of the village food outlets getting together to promote their wares. Delights from the Mediterranean, Italy and the Far East as well as British Pub Fare and fresh ideas for takeaway lunches were dished up for shoppers to sample. It was part of a drive by the local Traders Association to let the people of Acocks Green and the surrounding areas know what on offer, right on their doorsteps.

Brendon Daly, owner of La Verde restaurant and Inn on the Green public house said "The Village is steadily becoming a great choice for eating out - day and night. There really is something to satisfy all tastes and budgets."

Tim Brown, Chair of Acocks Green Traders Association added "With new restaurants opening up, extensive refurbishments completed and more pubs and restaurants in the pipeline, its time to let people know what they might be missing out on!"

12.06.08 Bright New identity Heralds Village Partnership
Local schoolchildren and businesses have joined forces with Birmingham City Council to create a bright, fresh identity for Acocks Green village and its new partnership. Hundreds of schoolchildren from across the ward submitted entries to a competition to design a logo for Acocks Green Village.

The standard was extremely high, but it was the simplicity of Haroon Ahmed bold design that won the businesses over in the final judging.

The announcement of the winner marked an exciting time for Acocks Green, with a Village Partnership being created that aims to capture and drive forward local aspirations for the area. Bringing together local children and businesses to create an identity for the village is a great way to start laying the foundations for the future of the village. The Partnership will bring together local people and businesses, the council and police to set a clear direction for the village and underpin work to make it a place where people choose to shop more and where businesses thrive.

15.05.08 Shop Opening Shows Village Bucking High Street Trends

Acocks Green has received another boost in its bid to thrive alongside city centre shopping and out of town retail parks. As many local shopping areas, and independent stores in particular, struggle to survive Acocks Green is becoming known as a place where smaller businesses can succeed.

The opening of "The Swan Trio" - three independent businesses of shoe repairers, jewellers and haberdashers - on Warwick Road complements a number of niche shops dotted around the village that attract shoppers from surprisingly far afield as well as serving the needs of local people. Unfortunately this type of shop is disappearing from many high streets but Acocks Green is bucking this trend with a growing range of independent outlets.

Councillor Roger Harmer said: "A good choice of local shopping is very important to the community and I will be adding my support to the businesses and town centre management to help encourage more shops into Acocks Green."

12.03.08 Graffiti-busting Businesses clean up Acocks Green

Cleaning up Graffiti

Businesses in Acocks Green Village are joining forces with Birmingham City Council to tackle the scourge of graffiti-related vandalism. A total of 57 businesses have signed up to a £31,500 scheme in which the council removed graffiti from business frontages and roller shutters and applied a special coating to combat the problem on a long-term basis.

Businesses signed up to the scheme have committed to removing any new graffiti which will be a straightforward task given that the special coating means the simple method of washing with soap and water will remove any fresh "artwork".

The project is part of a wider scheme across Yardley to rid the area of graffiti, which includes support from the Youth Offending Service and West Midlands Police. It is also the latest of a series of projects led at a Yardley Constituency level, which have helped create a cleaner, greener and safer environment.

07.03.08 Bringing Businesses Together

As part of a plan to strengthen the local Traders Association, the Town Centre Manager pulled together a group of local businesses to do their bit for Sports Relief. Staff from Woolworths, Dorothy Perkins, Hughes Fruit, Inn on the Green, Karen Estate Agents and Costa Coffee all signed up to run a mile for the charity.

"Having businesses that pull together is essential in my role to enhance the Village. Sports Relief is proving to be a great way for all of us to get to know each other better whilst supporting an important cause and having fun." Melinda Brown Town Centre Manager

Getting ready for the Fun Run

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Monday 3rd November

Monday 3rd November
Traders Association**

La Verde


Wednesday 5th November

Acocks Green
Village Partnership*

Acocks Green Library


Monday 1st December

Acocks Green
Traders Association**

La Verde


Wednesday 3rd December

Acocks Green
Village Partnership*

Acocks Green Library


Monday 5th January

Acocks Green
Traders Association**

La Verde


Monday 2nd February

Acocks Green
Traders Association**

La Verde


Monday 2nd March

Acocks Green
Traders Association**

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* Open to partnership members only
** Open to all traders in Acocks Green Village

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Traders Association

Please use font style sheet instead. Acocks Green Traders Association is a key part of the Town Centre Managers role and of the Acocks Green Village Partnership. The Traders Association aims to provide a single voice for Acocks Green businesses and to support the long-term future of the business community.

Benefits of being a member include:

  • Being a part of an independent group that is dedicated to retaining and growing customer spend in Acocks Green

  • Having a say on local issues and hearing about latest activity at monthly meetings

  • Helping shape the long-term future of Acocks Green village through the new Town Centre Manager and Village Partnership

  • Directly promoting their business through themed promotional activities

  • Gaining free media exposure through publicity campaigns

  • Benefiting from free access to High Street economic reports

  • Reviewing and feeding back on planning applications submitted for the village

The Traders Association meets every first Monday of the month at 5.45pm at La Verde restaurant on Westley Road. New members are always welcome.

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