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Sutton Park 5km Walk Route

Map of the Sutton Park 5km Walk Route


  • This is a circular walk and you could join it at one of three starting points, each with a car park, and follow the route in a circular direction, ending back at your original start point. These are:

    1. Palace Hill, access via Town Gate
    2. Flying Field, access via Boldmere Gate
    3. Jamboree, access via Streetly Gate.

  • With the Visitor Centre on the left, starting at Palace Hill (1), take the left hand fork. Ahead, keep on the right hand path.

  • See the ford and Wyndley Pool on your left and continue straight ahead through Hollyhurst.

  • At the fork, take the sharp right hand path.

  • At the junction, take the left hand path upwards.

  • And at the next junction, take the left hand path upwards.

  • At the next junction, at 2 Flying Field, turn right and follow the path. Here you can see Gorse and Heather.

  • Continue along the path and it will gently climb uphill towards 3 Jamboree Memorial stone.

  • From the stone, take the left fork and continue along the path as it descends gently downhill.

    Look out for the pyramid-shaped site markers – part of three archaeological routes through the park. The marker reads ‘Deer Park, subdivision 2.2’.

    At right angles to the road are the remains of a bank and ditch dating from AD 1120, subdividing the park for management of the deer and associated hunting.

  • Continue along the path, passing Keepers Well and Keepers Pool on your left, pass the dam wall of the pool on your left.

    A further pyramid marker ‘2.1’ can be seen beyond the pool.

  • Pass through a metal gate and follow the curve of the path and continue back towards the Visitor Centre.