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Birminghams Around the World

Although ours is the original Birmingham, there are many others:


  • Birmingham Creek, Tasmania


  • Birmingham, Saskatchewan
  • Birmingham Bay, Somerset island


  • Birmingham Castle, Athenry, Galway
  • Birmingham Castle, Carbury, Kildare (We believe these Castles are named after another branch of the de Bermingham family)
  • New Birmingham, Tipperary

New Zealand

  • Birmingham, Wellington, North Island

United States of America

  • Birmingham, Jefferson, Alabama
  • Birmingham Port, Jefferson, Alabama
  • Birmingham, Los Angeles, California
  • Birmingham, New Haven, Connecticut
  • Birmingham, Fulton, Georgia
  • Birmingham, Schuyler, Illinois
  • Birmingham, Miami, Indiana
  • Birmingham, Van Buren, Iowa
  • Birmingham, Jackson, Kansas
  • Birmingham, Marshall, Kentucky
  • Birmingham, Oakland, Michigan
  • Birmingham, Lee Mississippi
  • Birmingham, Clay, Missouri
  • Birmingham, Burlington, New Jersey
  • Birmingham, Erie, Ohio
  • Birmingham, Guernsey, Ohio
  • Birmingham, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
  • Birmingham, Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Birmingham, Delaware, Pennsylvania (1)
  • Birmingham, Delaware, Pennsylvania (2)
  • Birmingham, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
  • Birmingham, Snohomich, Washington

The Moon (yes, the Moon!)

Crater No. 357 is called Birmingham (apparently it lies within a larger crater called "Hell"!)

This list is chiefly taken from a "Birmingham Souvenir Guide", published by the Local Studies Department of the Birmingham Central Library in the late seventies/ early eighties. Our thanks to Ian Jelf, a local Blue Badge Guide, for bringing it to our attention.

We'd love to hear from people in the other Birminghams and to be told of websites for those we don't already list - please use the "Contact Us" link below.