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Bournville: Minworth Greaves

Thought to date as far back as 1250, Minworth Greaves stood for about 40 years, a skeleton of beams and posts by the Kingsbury Road, Curdworth, to the North of the city.

George Cadbury saved it from destruction by buying it and Laurence Cadbury re-built it in 1932 in the grounds of Selly Manor.

Because of the extent of the decay only the cruck-beamed great hall and some of main timbers could be saved.

This present house was built to preserve those remaining timbers and to demonstrate what a cruck-beamed house looked like. Special note should be taken of the long table from the now demolished Crook Hall in Lancashire with the carved inscription "an aerlome to this house forever".

Regular exhibitions are held in the main part of the hall and the sales area is to be found under the gallery.

The Rest Home on the Village Green

Owned by the Bournville Village Trust, Selly Manor is responsible for the maintenance of the Rest House which was a Silver Wedding present from worldwide Cadbury workers to George and Elizabeth Cadbury in 1913.

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