Birmingham City Council

Bristol Road Enhancements

The completion of the full Selly Oak New Road will remove a significant proportion of through traffic and heavy goods vehicles from the existing A38 Bristol Road through Selly Oak Centre. This will enable a range of environmental improvements to be implemented following completion of the new road and will include: -

  • Reduction in carriageway width. The existing four 2.5 metre wide sub standard lanes will be replaced with two 3.65 metre wide lanes.
  • Better facilities for buses (showcase standard) including where possible bus priority measures.
  • Facilities for cyclists, including cycle parking, cycle links and where possible cycle lanes.
  • Parking facilities along the road.
  • Some localised widening of footways to give more space to pedestrians, together with additional and improved pedestrian crossing facilities.
  • Tree planting and replacement of street furniture.
  • Reduction in through traffic thereby making the environment safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Enhancement of junctions of side roads with Bristol Road.

Public consultation has taken place on broad concepts through the Selly Oak Local Action Plan process. The scheme will be developed further in consultation with Centro, bus operators and other interests including the Selly Oak/Edgbaston Consultative Group. Further wider public consultation will be undertaken before the scheme is finalised.

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