Birmingham City Council

Hospital Link Road and Vincent Drive Downgrading

Part  of the Hospital Link Road is complete, the remaining section is under construction and scheduled for completion May 2010.

The Vincent Drive Downgrading works are planned between May and November 2010.

The Hospital Link Road would be a 10 metre wide single carriageway road located adjacent to and west of Railway/Canal embankment crossing the Bourn Brook on a new box section structure. The Hospital Link Road would connect to a new roundabout junction located at the southern end of Boiler House Drive this junction would be the primary access point to the new Hospital. A left in / left out junction would be provided off the Hospital Link Road to serve the Psychiatric Units to be built to the west of the Hospital Link Road. 1.75 metre wide footways and 1.5 metre wide cycleways would be provided on both sides of the road and a Toucan crossing installed between the left in / out access and the Hospital Link Road / Selly Oak New Road roundabout.

The existing private road known as Boiler House Drive would be reconstructed and widened to 7.3 metres and adopted as public highway between the proposed Hospital Link Road and Vincent Drive. On the eastern side of the road a 1.75 metre wide footway together with a 1.5 metre wide cycleway would be provided. The close proximity of the Elan Valley Aqueduct Water Main adjacent to the western side of Boiler House Drive would not allow the construction of a footway or cycleway on the western side of the road over its’ full length. The existing Vincent Drive to the west of Boiler House Drive would however be closed to motor vehicles to serve as a key pedestrian / cycle route through this area. A footway would be provided on the western side of Boiler House Drive at its’ southern end to link to a Pelican crossing located approximately 30 metres north of the Boiler House Drive / Hospital Link Road roundabout.

The length of the Hospital Link Road would be 430 metres.

On completion of Hospital Link Road the section of Vincent Drive between Roman Way and the roundabout at the Vincent Drive / University Road West junction will be closed to vehicular traffic. This section of Vincent Drive will remain a public highway for pedestrian and cycle use only.

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