Birmingham City Council

Selly Oak New Road Phase 1A

The construction of this phase of the road was completed in May 2009.

Between Chapel Lane and the new roundabout proposed to the north of Harborne Bridge the existing Harborne Lane would be widened from 12.0 metre wide four lane single carriageway to a 7.0 metre wide dual two lane carriageway on its’ eastern side. The central reserve would provide for a right turn lane into Gibbins Road. Traffic wishing to turn right from Gibbins Road to Harborne Lane would need to use the new roundabout to make this maneouvre. The existing Harborne Lane Bridge would be reconstructed to accommodate the widened Harborne Lane and provide increased headroom to the Former Dudley No.2 Canal. A new Toucan crossing would be installed on Harborne Lane immediately south of Gibbins Road. The existing footway on the western side of Harborne Lane would be made a 3.0 metre wide shared footway / cycleway. A 3.0 metre wide footway / cycleway would also be provided on the eastern side of the road between the new Toucan crossing and the new roundabout. To the south of the Toucan crossing a 3.0 metre wide footway would be provided on the eastern side of Harborne Lane.

A new four arm roundabout would be constructed on Harborne Lane at the junction with the new 10 metre wide single carriageway road running northeast from Harborne Lane across the Birmingham Battery Site. The roundabout would also serve as the main access junction to the Sainsbury’s development. To achieve the required traffic capacity segregated left turn lanes would be provided on Harborne Lane northbound and from the new road to the Sainsbury’s access road. Toucan crossings would be provided on Harborne Lane (north of the roundabout), on the new road and on the Sainsburys access road. The Toucan crossings would link to the cycleways proposed on Harborne Lane and the new road.

The new road would lead to a new roundabout junction south of the Bourn Brook and west of the embankment supporting the Birmingham and West Suburban Railway Lane and the Birmingham and Worcester Canal. This roundabout would only be constructed in its entirety should Selly Oak New Road Phase 2 be constructed. To accommodate the predicted traffic volume, particularly to the new Hospital the northeast bound approach to the roundabout would be widened to provide two straight ahead lanes and a segregated left turn lane to the Hospital Link Road. On both sides of the road 1.75 metre wide footways and 1.5 metre wide cycleways would be provided. A Toucan crossing would be provided 90 metres southwest of the roundabout. The length of the new road from Harborne Lane to the Bourn Brook would be 450 metres.

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