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Race Equality


The City Council has a long-standing commitment to race equality. This commitment has been translated into a wide range of activity. Under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000, public authorities are required to:

1. Promote equality of opportunity
2. Promote good race relations between people from different backgrounds
3. Eliminate unlawful discrimination.

The Act provides a valuable framework for future action. In addition to the general duty, there are also specific duties in the areas of policy-making, service delivery and employment. One specific requirement of the duty is the requirement to publish a Race Equality Scheme. The City Council adopted its first Race Equality Scheme in May 2002.

This updated scheme reflects the need for the City Council to review progress in relation to the 2002 Scheme and to continue to ensure compliance with the duties under the 2000 Act.

Our Race Equality Scheme makes it clear how Birmingham City Council plans to meet both the general and specific duties required by the 2000 Act. The Scheme summarises the City Council's overall approach to race equality and how it links to our corporate aims and objectives.

Our existing Equality Scheme's will be replaced later this year with a Single Equality Framework which will cover fairness, equality, diversity and community cohesion.

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