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North West Area Transport Plan


This Area Transport Plan covers the North West Planning area excluding Ladywood but including all wards of Sutton Coldfield and Perry Barr Constituencies. The Route Management Strategies (RMS) covered are the A5127 Birmingham Road, A34 Walsall Road and A456 Hagley Road. The southern part of Birmingham Road RMS is also noted in the East Plan as this lies within the Erdington Constituency.

RMS was developed for ten arterial roads in Birmingham, and the RMS covered in the North West Plan is Birmingham Road, Dudley Road and Walsall Road. The comprehensive, coordinated and balanced approach to network improvement developed in them, aim to deliver benefits for all transport user groups following the policy context of a Sustainable Transport Strategy (DaSTS), the 2006 West Midlands Local Transport Plan and the 2008-13 Council Plan.


By looking at key areas of demographics, road safety, accessibility, congestion, public transport, cycling and walking networks, as well as discussions with planners and stakeholders in the constituencies, we have been able to highlight deficiencies and issues. As a result of the data analysis and the discussions, a programme of value for money schemes for the next five years has been developed to tackle the issues highlighted.

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Road Safety

Public Transport

Walking and Cycling



Congestion - Full Technical Appendix



Land Use