Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

HS2 and the City Council

All of the design and development work required for the Hybrid Bill process and beyond is undertaken by HS2 Ltd, though we do fully support the project. The City Council, whilst acknowledging various statutory duties, would not wish its own activities to duplicate or undermine the HS2 project or the work being led by HS2 Ltd. Therefore, for the most part, our work on HS2 is in partnership with HS2 Ltd.

Working with HS2 Ltd

The vast majority of the technical work the City Council is currently engaged in on HS2 is led by HS2 Ltd and their agents. This includes:

  • Working closely on railway and highway design issues – feeding into and commenting on emerging designs and feeding in technical and local knowledge;
  • Providing vast amounts of information held by the City Council ranging from land ownership to traffic data;
  • Working at a detailed level providing relevant inputs to the Hybrid Bill petitioning process – at all levels ranging from the historic environment to social impacts;
  • Discussing and negotiating with HS2 Ltd and other partners during the Hybrid Bill process; and
  • Working closely with the local stakeholder teams in terms of building a picture of local communities and stakeholders at all levels, providing contacts, and keeping an overview of engagement.

The main point of co-ordination at the West Midlands level is through regular meetings between HS2 Ltd and the City Council, which other organisations such as Centro also attend.

There are working groups specifically set up to co-ordinate activity around the two stations – the Interchange Station Group chaired by Solihull, and the Birmingham Curzon Station Group chaired by the City Council.

For more information please visit our HS2 Ltd Engagement page.

Responding to Consultations

The City Council is a Statutory consultee and as such we respond formally to all HS2 consultations. We’re expecting to be responding to further consultations in future.

For more information please visit the HS2 Consultations page.

Maximising the benefits and improving local transport networks

We have been working with Centro and other West Midlands authorities to look at how we can improve local transport networks to maximise the benefits of HS2, in terms of access to the stations and the jobs and development opportunities that HS2 will create in the City and the wider region. The work looked at all modes from walking and cycling to heavy rail improvements and everything in between. More information is available on the Centro website.

Work on this is continuing through Midlands Connect, which has been set up to champion strategic transport investment across the entire Midlands region. The first phase of Midlands Connect is a major economic study into examining and assessing where connectivity improvements are likely to have the greatest long-term impact on employment and the economy, including developing an integrated plan for improved connectivity to HS2. More information is available at:http://centro.org.uk/about-us/news/2014/midlands-connect-to-speak-for-the-region-with-one-voice-in-winning-future-investment-for-transport/.

More locally, we’ve also been working to ensure the appropriate strategies and plans incorporate the vision for HS2 including the Birmingham Development Plan, Birmingham Curzon HS2 Draft Masterplan and also proposals for Washwood Heath.


The City Council is a key member of the GO-HS2 consortium – a group of West Midlands authorities and agencies who support HS2. The prime purpose of the HS2 consortium is the promotion of the local benefits of HS2 and lobbying and support for HS2 at all levels. For more information you can view the GO-HS2 website.

Core Cities Group

The City Council also attends meetings with the Core Cities group (eight largest UK cities outside London) where HS2 related activities are discussed – Core Cities have previously undertaken economic research with regard to the wider benefits of HS2. For more information about Core Cities please visit their website.