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Electric Vehicle Charging Points in Birmingham

Important changes to the way you access electric vehicle charge points in Birmingham

Our electric vehicle charge points have changed to the Charge Your Car (CYC) system.

You can no longer use a Plugged in Midlands (PiM) card for the 18 Birmingham City Council charging points. The cards are required to access other charging locations in Birmingham and the West Midlands, found on the PiM charge point map.

To continue using the City Council charge points, you will need to use the CYC mobile phone app, a CYC RFID card or your debit/credit card.

You will know if a charge point has been transferred to the CYC system from the CYC sticker on the charge point (picture to the right) or by checking the CYC charge point map.

We will keep these pages up to date with information about the switch. All Plugged in Midlands members will also be contacted directly.

CYC sticker

Electric Vehicles Charging Points in Birmingham

Public charging points are available at the locations listed below. All sockets are suitable for type 2, 7 pin plugs (see technical information further down this page).

To view all Midlands charging points on a map and to check availability, visit the Charge Your Car charge point map.

To make use of the charging points, you can use the CYC mobile phone app, a CYC RFID card or your debit/credit card. Currently there is no charge for the electricity used, but in some locations, such as certain off-street car parks, the relevant parking charges will still apply.

On-street locations

All on-street locations offer free parking for up to 3 hours and comprise one charging point with two sockets.

Location Address
Aston Aston Street, Birmingham, B4 7ET
City centre Margaret Street, Birmingham, B3 3BX
City Centre Temple Row, Birmingham, B2 5NY
Harborne High Street, Harborne, B17 9QE
Northfield Bristol Road South, Northfield, B31 2NY
Sutton Coldfield Manor Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1SY

Off-Street Parking

Parking fees apply at all sites except Fox Hollies Leisure Centre. All off-street bays comprise one charging point with two sockets, except Pershore Street car park which has two charging points with two sockets each.

Location Address
Acocks Green Fox Hollies Leisure Centre, Shirley Road, B27 7NS
City centre Paradise Circus Car Park, Ladywood, B1 2NB
City centre Brunel Street Car Park, Birmingham, B5 4AF
City centre Dudley Street Car Park, Birmingham, B5 4PJ
City centre Millennium Point Car Park, Howe Street, Birmingham, B4 7AP
City centre Moat Lane Car Park, Birmingham, B5 5BD
City centre Pershore Street Car Park, Birmingham ,B5 6PA
City centre Snow Hill Car Park. Livery Street, Birmingham, B3 2BJ
City centre Jewellery Quarter Car Park, Vyse Street, B18 6LP
Kings Heath High Street Car Park, High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7LB
Moseley Alcester Road Car Park, Alcester Road, Moseley, B13 8HJ
Sutton Coldfield Victoria Road Car Park, Victoria Road, Sutton Coldfield, B73 6EJ

Only electric vehicles may use parking bays with a charging point, and vehicles must be plugged in and charging. If you park in one of these bays without charging your vehicle, you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice.

Technical Information

For consistency, the Government has standardised all nationwide electric vehicle charging equipment to the type often referred to as type 2. Additionally the European Commission has also now indicated that this should be the standard across the European Union.

The Government’s Plug-in Vehicle Infrastructure Strategy states:

“We want plug-in vehicle owners to be able to recharge quickly when they need to. Industry favours moving to a dedicated plug-in vehicle recharging connector (the IEC62196-2 Type 2) to allow faster recharging rates than are possible with a three pin plug. Given this clear direction of travel, the Plugged-in Places will start to install public infrastructure with Type 2 connectors.”

In Birmingham, we have installed 7kW Type 2, Mode 3, 7 pin sockets at all eighteen sites (including the four sites installed as part of CABLED).

Further technical information can be found on the Cenex website.