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Who Should Apply

  • Individuals or developers who are either constructing new homes, commercial or industrial premises or undertaking conversions to existing buildings that will result in the creation of new premises.
  • Individuals or developers wishing to change the name or number of a property

When to Apply

Once you've received planning permission and are certain of the final layout of the proposed development you should apply for addresses during the very early stages of construction and definitely before it is substantially complete. Utility companies will not install services without an official postal address and postcode.

Marketing names do not need to be approved and do not form part of the address unless specifically included in the postal address provided by the Council.

How to apply

Complete and submit this application form to us:

The form will ask you for information such as :

  • your contact name and details
  • location plan and type of development
  • 2 copies of the development layout
  • official name of the development
  • planning permission approval number
  • suggested new street names when relevant – we have a list of approved names for your consideration
  • Type of development or confirmation of existing address
    suggested new street names when relevant (or you can choose from our a list of approved names for your consideration

When we review your form, and send you a payment request by e-mail. This e-mail will contain your Reference Number, Our BACS details for you to make your payment to. There will also be the option of paying by cheque. We may also need to ask for additional information when necessary to process a request.

How long will it take

We always aim to deliver a high quality, efficient service and will process applications as quickly as possible. The postcode will be obtained from Royal Mail on your behalf and issued to interested parties.

If your request involves the naming of new streets, due to the consultation process with Local ward Councillors, under normal circumstances we aim to allocate a postal address within 4 months from receipt of a valid application. A choice from our list of already approved suggestions list of already approved suggestions will considerably reduce the time taken to issue an address, usually to within 6 weeks.

Where only numbering of properties is required, the process can normally be completed in one month.


Number of properties Fee
Five properties or less in an existing road £130.00
Between 6 and 25 properties in an existing road £330.00
Between 26 and 75 properties in an existing road £525.00
76 properties or more in an existing road £790.00
Naming of new road(s) and allocation of up to 25 numbers £460.00

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