Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Licensing Arrangements

Certain information obtained from us is subject to copyright and license terms and conditions.

Full details are on this page.

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Information Note

To enable us to maintain the provision of high quality information available to the public which ensures full compliance with the Con29(R) requirements, Birmingham City Council introduced a licensing arrangement on Monday 26 October 2009. We have taken this step following on from the guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office which has resulted in some requests to view search information under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

Commercial Licences

The Licence will enable the search data to be reused for commercial purposes. The current charge (w.e.f. 27 May 2014) for the Licence is £24.00 per property searched. An application will be needed for each visit and, once completed and the appropriate fee paid, the Licence will be valid for each of the properties listed.

Statutory Information Provision

Anyone wishing to view the List of Streets for personal use only, (non-commercial purposes), will be required to complete and sign the non-commercial Highways Information Visitors Register Application prior to their visit. The completed form (to include both sides) should then be faxed or emailed to us and, subsequently, an appointment can be made by e-mailing us on highways.searches@birmingham.gov.uk (preferred option) by telephoning on 0121 303 7689, or by fax on 0121 303 6379.

In relation to those individuals inspecting our records for their personal use, please note that due to current pressures on resources, only information relating to the address(es) shown on the Highways Information Visitors Register Application at the time of emailing/faxing will be able to be viewed at the subsequent appointment. A fresh appointment will need to be made should information relating to another address be subsequently required”

Access to the information is given in accordance with the Good Practice Guidance for Local Authorities and Personal Searchers issued in January 2008 by Communities and Local Government..

Further Information:

The information has been collated into 2 information packs, one where the information is required on a commercial basis and the other for non-commercial purposes. I should be grateful, therefore, if you could read the information and let us know when making appointments whether you will be viewing the non-statutory information under the terms of the Licence Agreement or if you are viewing the statutory information on a non-commercial basis (having already completed and returned the required application form).

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e-mail (preferred) highways.searches@birmingham.gov.uk
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