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Flood prevention through looking after the city's watercourses

A good practice guide


These good practice guidepages have been produced to give advice on how best to look after your property to reduce the risk of flooding. This may include anything from private drives and gardens to large communal areas and privately maintained roads. It does not deal with public highways, sewers, land ownership etc.

There are many preventative measures that you can take by including tasks in the general maintenance of your property. Further advice is also given on effects to land drainage that need to be considered before making alterations or improvements to your property.

Understanding the risk of flooding

The following issues are dealt with in more detail with suggestions on how to reduce the risk of flooding and what to do in the event of flooding.

1.Lack of maintenance
2.How the level of the land can affect the risk of flooding
3.Maintaining drainage
4.Vandalism and other illegal acts
5.Understanding watercourses
6. Financial help after severe flood damage