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Civil Claims

Civil claims

Civil claims are heard in the County Court. You will need to fill in forms from the court which you can obtain from the Court service website; http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/.

All claims, for whatever value, are started using the same procedure.

Once a claim has been submitted, the court will appoint a Judge to hear the case. The Judge will decide which of the following three methods will be used to hear the case:

  • Small Claims Track for cases up to £5,000*
  • Fast Track for cases between £5,000 and £15,000
  • Multi Track for cases over £15,000

* Even if a claim is for less than £5,000, there is no automatic right to the small claims procedure. The Judge may decide that the claim should be heard by way of one of the other two methods i.e. Fast Track or Multi Track.

Schedule of fees for making a claim and issuing a summons.

Court Fee

Amount of claim


Does not exceed £300


Exceeds £300 but not £500


Exceeds £500 but not £1,000


Exceeds £1,000 but not £5,000

*If you make a claim for more than £1,000 and it is defended or partially defended, the court will send you (the claimant) an allocation questionnaire for which a fee of £80 is payable. The questionnaire must be completed and returned to the court with the allocation fee. The fee may be recoverable if you are successful with your claim.