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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

The Safeguarding Children Board

The Birmingham Local Safeguarding Children Board replaced the Area Child Protection Committee (ACPC) from 01 April 2006. This is a statutory requirement and means for the first time that, as part of the Every Child Matters reforms, all organisations that work with children are required to participate.
The Policy and Procedures for safeguarding children in Birmingham are available to download from the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board website: Safeguarding Children: Policy & Procedures.

The Local Safeguarding Board continues to have functions based on those of the ACPC but also co-ordinates the wider safeguarding activity in the city with a focus on prevention as well as protection.

This Board is made up of representatives from organisations that have responsibility for services to children or have regular contact with children.

At the heart of the establishment of the Board is the desire to develop a shared sense of responsibility across all agencies working with children, their families and communities to keep children safe from harm.

More information is available on the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board website

The Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board is a member of Birmingham Children's Trust and is working in partnership with Birmingham City Council to protect the city's vulnerable children.

Right Services, Right Time: Meeting Children's Needs

Children and families are supported most effectively and efficiently when services and information sharing are planned and delivered in a coordinated
way. The vision across Birmingham is to deliver the right service to the right child supported by flexible and responsive services.

More information on Right Services, Right Time can be found on the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board website.