Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Making the Most of Your Individual Online Council Account


When you've registered for an account you can:

  • Enjoy secure access to requests for Council services, bookings and appointments
  • View the status of your requests, bookings, applications and payments
  • Get access to your account 24/7
  • Reduce the time spent filling out forms, as your personal details are saved in your account and used to pre-populate the form when you log in
  • Pay your council tax easily and securely
  • Find your local council facilities and services on a map
  • Manage the personal details the Council holds about you on our secure site
  • Upgrade your account and pay your rent or view statements (council tenants or leaseholders only)

More and more services will be available with your online account over the coming months.

Essential Information
  • It's very important to us to combat threats of online fraud and protect your personal information. Our security team constantly monitor our website to protect you. We use a combination of hardware and software encryption to help protect your account and the details we hold on your account.

    Don't tell anyone your password or secret answer for verified accounts (please note: we will never ask for your password or secret answer in full)

  • There are two types of account - the basic and the verified account.

    When you register, you automatically get a basic account by giving us a few personal details and a password. We don't need to check you personal details for a basic account, so you can start to use it for every day things straight away. For example, booking the collection of a fridge, getting new recycling sacks or reporting an abandoned car to us.

    If you need to use a service where we need to check who you are, then you will need to verify your account. This way your information is secure and you can deal with us through your account safely.

    To verify your account after registration, just click the 'Verify your account' logo. Then tell us some private information such as your Council Tax account number and choose a secret question and answer for extra security.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Requests will only show on your account on the day they were created.

    • No. You can register for an online account even if you live outside the City boundaries. However, the benefits of the account and services available will be different compared to a Birmingham resident and will be limited. For more information about a specific service you are interested in, please visit the dedicated web page.

    • Yes. You can change your online account details such as your address or contact numbers. It is important to ensure that your email details are input correctly as confirmation of any changes will be sent to your email address as it appears in your account details.

    • As a Local Authority, Birmingham City Council collect, holds and processes a considerable amount of information, including personal information about the citizens it serves, to allow it to provide services effectively.

      The Council recognises that this information is important to the citizens and that it is responsible to the citizens for the information it holds about them. As such, it takes seriously its responsibilities to ensure that any personal information it collects and uses is done so proportionately, correctly and safely.

      For full details please see our Privacy Policy

    • Yes. You are able to de-activate your account at anytime. De-activating your account will mean that all of your online information will be withdrawn.

    • You can apply for a new temporary password/activation pin online. You will be asked to provide your registered email address (this will be the same email address that is currently held on your account).