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Sir Robert Peel

The statue of Sir Robert Peel (1788 - 1850) has been remarkably active for a piece of bronze! The site outside the Police Training Centre on Pershore Road is his fourth home. He originally stood in Congreve Street before moving, in 1873, to the top of Victoria Square (then called Council House Square). In November 1926 he was hit by a gas lamp (which in turn had been hit by a lorry) and moved again, to Calthorpe Park, after being repaired.

Its current position, where it has stood since 1963, is fitting for the founder of the Metropolitan Police. Sir Robert was also Conservative Prime Minister in 1834 and again from 1841-6.

The statue is the work of Peter Hollins, a Birmingham man, and was cast at Elkington and Masons in Newhall Street - the first bronze statue to be cast in one pice in the city. At least 15,000 people attended the unveiling on 27 August 1855.