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A Selection of Muslim Websites


Islamic Finance

Information on Islamic finance, information on institutions, events, books and researchers from more than 30 countries.

Wikipedia Article

Article on the principles and concepts behind Islamic banking.


Beehive Social

Beehive Social is an activities sharing network, where anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere, can discover and share activities.


Shia Islam site

Encyclopedia of Islam

Academic site from the Division of Religion & Philosophy, St. Martins College.

Islam Portal (Wikipedia)

Islamic gateway site.


A comprehensive site dealing with religious, educational and social aspects of Islam.

Muslim Health Network

Health education for Muslim communities in the UK.

Muslim News

News and views of Muslims in the UK.

Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC)

Muslim civil liberties group.


Online Islamic academy

University of Georgia (US)

Academic site dealing with all aspects of Islam.

Muslim Places of Worship in Birmingham
Philosophy and Religion in Social Sciences
Web sites for different religions

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