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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Public Sector Equality Duties

This page contains Equality Information and Equality Objectives on our service areas and our workforce, alongside details regarding the Equality Assessments.

Compliance With General and Specific Equality Duties

As outlined in our Equality Act page, the Public Sector Equality Duty consists of a General Equality Duty set out in section 149 of the Equality Act 2010, and specific duties set out in separate regulations which came into force on 10 September 2011. These regulations require public authorities to:

  • Publish Equality Information annually, commencing the 31 of January 2012. The document below, provides a brief overview of the City Council's key priorities.
  • Prepare and publish Equality Objectives every four years, commencing the 30 April 2012.

Birmingham City Council is currently reviewing its equality objectives. When complete the updated information will be published here.

Equality Assessments

To demonstrate compliance with the broad principles of the equality duty the council has integrated consideration of equality and good relations into its' day-to-day business. In doing so, we have looked at how our functions can affect different groups in different ways, and how this might contribute to greater inequality and poor outcomes. As a result of this process the Council is able to undertake an analysis of the impact of proposals and for these issues to be kept under review, as a way of positively contributing to the advancement of equality and good relations.

Please follow the relevant links below to access further information on each service area and on the Equality Assessments they have undertaken.

Directorates Equality Information Source


People (Adults Services) Equality Information Email: charles.ashton.gray@birmingham.gov.uk
People (Children's Services) Equality Information Email: charles.ashton.gray@birmingham.gov.uk
Economy Equality Information

Place (Local Services)

Equality Information
Equality Assessments

We have also provided links to information held by the Council on its website. These information sources support the Council's decision-making process.

Council Business Plan 2014+ Information on Equality Assessments can be found on Pages 153-169 - Appendix 2.

Birmingham's Budget: The council has gathered information from a range of groups as a result of the public meetings held around the budget proposals.

Consultation and Engagement homepage: Birmingham City Council values the views of local people and this page outlines the various ways in which the Council consults and engages its citizens.