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Right to a Review - Appeals Information

If you do not meet the criteria to receive assistance, you have the right to a review of your application.

Please arrange to complete the appropriate form below if you wish to appeal against the type of home to school/college travel assistance that has been offered for your child or if assistance has been refused.

A copy of our Home to School Transport Policy and Transport Policy Statement for Young People of Sixth Form Age can be found on the Documents page.

Appeals can be made against the implementation of the policy but not the policy itself.

Appeals should be completed within 15 working days of the decision being received by the parent(s)/carer(s).

The appeals process has two stages:

Stage 1

A Children's Services Manager will consider the appeal within 5 working days of the receipt of the appeal form. At this stage, the parent(s)/carer(s) will receive confirmation that the appeal is under review. Further evidence may be requested to support the appeal and consultation with caseworkers and professional bodies may be required.

A decision and notification will be made within 10 working days from receipt of the appeal form.

If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you should notify the Council in writing within 15 working days of receiving the appeal decision and send any additional written information/supporting information that you wish to have considered.

Stage 2

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal at Stage 1, the appeal moves to Stage 2. The appeal will then be reviewed by the Education Awards (Review) Sub-Committee, which is made up of Members of the Council.

A Stage 2 appeal will consider all the information provided by the parent(s)/carer(s), including family income details. A decision will be made within 30 working days of receiving the Stage 2 request.

If you disagree with the decision to refuse specialised travel assistance for your child, you have the right to request that your application is reviewed at Stage 2 of the appeal process. In such cases your application would be referred to the Education Awards (Review) Sub-Committee.

What type of factors will be taken into account?

Where the application has been refused because the distance is less than the statutory walking distance, travel assistance will be considered taking account of any individual family circumstances including any significant behavioural or physical needs which may prevent a parent/carer from getting the child to school.

We will take into account any additional supporting written evidence that may be provided from any Education or health care professionals, parents/carers, schools such as:

  • Evidence that a child's special needs or medical condition prevents the child from walking to school or using public transport
  • Evidence that there would be health and safety risks to the child or others if the travelled to school without support
  • Evidence that the parent/carer's individual circumstances prevent them from taking or accompanying their child/children to school or college
  • Extraordinary individual circumstances that may arise as a result of parent/s attending work or looking after other siblings

Consideration will not normally be given to

  • Personal circustances when considering drop off/collection points and times
  • Help with attendance issues. Parents/carers are legally responsible for ensure their child/children attend(s) school regularly.

It is important that you submit all aspects of your case in full. In some cases, the Local Authority may need to obtain statements from other parties should this be appropriate. You will be sent copies of any additional correspondence that we received.

During the appeals stages, travel assistance will not be provided and a change to existing travel assistance will not be made.

If you need any help completing this form, please contact the Education Transport Service.

 Appeal Form: Public Transport: Stage One (Size: 77.3 Kb Type: Word Document )


Information for parents and carers about appealing a decision against school travel support by Birmingham City Council.

 Appeal Form: Special Education Needs (SEN) Transport Stage One (Size: 83.4 Kb Type: Word Document )


Information for parents and carers about appealing a decision against school travel support by Birmingham City Council.