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Specialised Transport

There is a range of solutions available to pupils and young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, and those pupils attending specialist centres.

This includes Independent Travel Training (ITT) that provides mobility / independence training for those pupils to help them become independent travellers, and Personal Travel Budgets (PTB) that help parents to arrange their child's home to school travel arrangements, in a way that suits their personal circumstances through provision of a delegated budget.

Your child may be provided with a free bus pass or a special vehicle, e.g. taxi, minibus or wheelchair accessible vehicle to help them get to school.

Applications are considered on their own merits.

Pupils with learning difficulties and / or disabilities.

Travel Assist can take into account whether your child lives within walking distance and is able to walk, whether they are able to use public transport or whether, due to the nature of their special needs, your child requires a special vehicle.

Your child must be attending the nearest available school which meets their needs. If you choose to send them to a school further away from your home, you will have to pay the cost of the transport.

Assistance is reviewed annually because, in many cases, as pupils become older their needs can change.

Travel Assist can also consider helping those students with special needs that attend specialist schools / colleges outside of the Birmingham area.

Your child must be attending the nearest available school / college that meets their needs and the placement must be agreed as the most appropriate placement by SEN Assessment and Review.

For your persons attending Post 16 study, please see the Post 16 Transport page.

Pupils attending specialist centres

Travel Assist may pay for the cost of transport assistance if your child goes to a centre which is part of the City of Birmingham School or part of the James Brindley School.

Assistance is reviewed on a termly basis. This is because many pupils are placed at these centres for a short time only.

How to apply

Please download the Transport Request form below. The form is in two sections; the first part must be completed by you and the second part should becompleted by the school you are requesting transport for. Should you require assistance in completing the form, please contact either Travel Assist or your child's school.

If your request is denied - Right of Appeal

If you are not entitled to assistance under the rules described, you have the right to a review against this decision. Please see the Appeals page for further information.