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Welcome to the Birmingham City Council page for your LGBT information, training and services.

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Elly Barnes

Please visit www.ellybarnes.com/birmingham and use the drop down menu to access information about:

  • FREE training for teachers and staff
  • Updating policies
  • Birmingham 'Educate and Celebrate' showcases and workshops
  • LGBT History Month launch 2014
  • Birmingham's Best Practice 'Educate and Celebrate' centres
  • Future events and how to get involved
  • Services

Birmingham City Council has demonstrated its commitment to eradicating homophobia, biphobia and transphobia by appointing an LGBT schools advisor to deliver free training to our Birmingham teachers. The programme is being rolled out to individual schools and consortia through the NUT, NASUWT NQT induction and is available as CPD to all schools and BCC employees. The training has attracted teachers, support staff, school counsellors, NHS workers, researchers, youth workers, LGBT youth, governors and senior leaders.

'Educate and Celebrate' How to make your school LGBT friendly

To access the training and read more about this exciting project in Birmingham, please visit www.ellybarnes.com/birmingham

LGBT educate celebrate
LGBT educate celebrate