Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Education and Skills Infrastructure

Asset Management Traded Service 2015-16

Education and Skills Infrastructure is part of Education and Commissioning in the Directorate for People. We manage three priority areas of work. These are:

  1. Education Asset Management and Landlord Function – Supporting the maintenance and management of Local Authority Schools and Nurseries, developing and delivering annual capital maintenance programme, Managing PFI school contracts, managing school status change and providing property related advice and support to schools and academies
  2. School Place Planning and developing sufficient schools - Monitoring the supply and demand for places, developing and delivering capital building projects to ensure we have sufficient schools places
  3. Full participation – tracking our young people and encouraging positive destination through our commissioning activity.

The three areas are linked closely with developing and improving education standards.

Benefits of using our traded services:

  • Our commitment to customer care ensures we frequently monitor and review our service and its delivery
  • Access to our experienced Education Asset Management Team for property and asset related advice, support and guidance
  • Expert advice of funding opportunities and bids
  • Access to school site and building information (Asset Surveys, CAD plans etc.)
  • Access to professional training and advice on school statutory and duty holder responsibilities
  • The opportunity to receive property planning visit for a personal property management advice and guidance
  • Our officers have detailed knowledge of schools and we will endeavour to provide relevant, timely, reliable and trusted advice
  • We offer additional services that add value and promote outcomes to support your school to raise standards
  • Support to manage building and school organisation projects
  • Advice on school sufficiency
  • Advice and support on status change and academy conversion

To discuss how we can help and find out more about subscribing to our traded service please contact us:

Telephone: (0121) 303 8847
E-mail: edsi.enquiries@birmingham.gov.uk
Visit our website: www.birmingham.gov.uk/educationassetmanagement

Education Asset Management