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School Waiting Lists


Being included on a schools waiting list does not mean that a place will eventually become available there. Places can only be offered to the waiting list if children already offered places give them up.

If we are unable to offer your child a place at their preferred school you will have the right of appeal and will be added to your preferred schools waiting list. (unless your child has not scored a high enough score at the selective test.)

Essential Information
  • For academies, voluntary aided and foundation schools, parents should contact the school / academy directly to find out why their child was not offered a place and where their child is on the waiting list.

    We send academies, voluntary aided and foundation schools their waiting lists following the offer of school places (except in the case of secondary schools when a child has failed to achieve a relevant score in the selective test). We may request to see the waiting list at these schools at any time in order to determine that the coordinated secondary transfer and in-year admissions scheme are operating effectively.

  • Waiting lists for all community and voluntary controlled schools are maintained until the end of each academic year. We may write to all parents / carers to ask if they wish to remain on that schools waiting list. If we do not receive a reply then your childs details will be removed from the waiting list.

    These waiting lists are subject to change. This means that a childs waiting list position can go up or down. Any late applicants accepted are added to each schools list in accordance with the order of priority for allocating places.

  • Children’s Information and Advice Service

    0121 303 1888 (option 4)

    School Admission and Pupil Placement Service
    PO Box 16513
    Birmingham B2 2FF

    Opening Hours:
    Monday to Thursday: 8.45 am to 5.15 pm
    Friday: 8.45 am to 4.15 pm
    Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed

Frequently Asked Questions
    • Waiting lists are subject to change. This is because any late applicants will be added to each schools list in accordance with the schools oversubscription criteria. This means that your child could move down as well as up a waiting list.

    • It is impossible to predict this as places can only be offered if children already offered places give them up. Being on a schools waiting list is not a guarantee of a place eventually being available there.
    • Accepting the place that you have been offered does not affect your childs position on the waiting lists of your preferred schools. If you refuse the place offered it may be that, in future we can only offer a school even further away from your home.