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Brokerage Support for Families


We can provide information about support organisations and child care providers for children and families.

If you are experiencing particular difficulty in accessing child care or support services, we can provide extra support through our brokerage service. This service may be of particular interest to families with disabled children. One of our trained advisers will locate and contact child care providers or support organisations and enable you where possible to access services that meet your needs.

The brokerage service includes:

  • making in depth searches of child care providers to meet your child’s specific needs; and
  • identifying support services that may benefit you and your family

If you would like to request our brokerage service please complete the online enquiry form stating what activities, additional support organisations or child care providers you want to know about for your child and in which area.

Essential Information
  • You may be considering counselling or mediation to seek relief from a current crisis because you recognise the need for change but may be unsure of how to make things different than they are.

    A mediator is a neutral third party who can help you if you are in a dispute to reach your own mutually acceptable agreement.

    If you would like us to search for lists of organisations offering mediation for children and families please complete the online enquiry form.

  • Children's Information and Advice Service (CIAS)

    0121 303 1888