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Site Inspection

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The Developer is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of the construction works. The council will only inspect the works to check that they are being constructed in accordance with the approved drawings and adoption requirements. The council must be given access to the works in progress at all times. If problems arise, the council will be happy to discuss possible solutions, but it will still be the responsibility of the developer’s representatives to instruct the contractor and make sure that the works are satisfactorily completed in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

The Section 38 and Section 278 Agreements require the developer to allow Amey, the highways PFI Service Provider, access to the works for inspections and any pre-start meetings.

In the case of traffic signal schemes facilities shall be made available for the Council or Amey to observe the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) of signal controllers. The tests shall demonstrate compliance with the Controller Specification. Similarly, the Council and Amey shall be invited to observe Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) tests to ensure that the equipment has been supplied and installed in accordance with the requirements and specifications, that all the component parts of the installation operate satisfactorily and that the cabling and connections are correct. The installation should be ready to be commissioned before the Council and Amey are invited to observe the Site Acceptance Tests. Further information is available in document "Traffic Signal Design and Installations Issue 7 (2007)" which is available on request.