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Common Assessment Framework
Information for Parents

Welcome to a new way of helping children and young people

The Family Common Assessment Framework (or fCAF) is a new way of working with children and young people. It involves listening to you and your child to find out your child’s needs and what is working well in your child’s life.

The fCAF will help your child receive the right support at an early stage before their needs increase. As the fCAF is a shared assessment, you and your child will not have to repeat the same story to different workers. The information you provide will only be shared with your consent unless there is a risk to your child.

If a number of people are providing support to your child, one of these people will be appointed as a ‘lead professional’.

This person will keep you informed, listen to your views and support you. You and your child will have a say in who should be the lead practitioner

An action plan, agreed with you and your child, is put into place to make sure your child gets the right sort of help. The fCAF is voluntary – you and your child can choose to be involved.

If you would like some extra support for your child or family why not ask a worker if the fCAF might be of benefit. This worker could be someone from nursery or school, a Connexions Personal Adviser, a health visitor or nurse or anyone else who sees you and your child.

There is a leaflet for parents and families on the Childen's Workforce web site that you may want to read for more information:

Also, why not read some of Birmingham's families' stories below and see how the fCAF has helped others in the city:

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