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Equality and Diversity for Environment and Culture Directorate

The Environment and Culture directorate is comprised of the following services:

Bereavement Services
Community and Play
Corporate Communications
Culture Commissioning
Fleet and Waste Management
Library & Archive Service
Parks and Nature Conservation
Sport and Events

Equality and Diversity

The directorate strongly believes in customer engagement and in delivering services which meets the individual needs, and rights of customers and celebrates the diversity of the city.

Annual Report on Equalities
The Environment and Culture Directorate reports annually on its equalities and community cohesion activities and achievements to the city council’s Equalities and Human Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

The latest report was approved on 14 February 2012. Please see attachment below:

Strategic Equalities & Diversity Annual Monitoring Report

 PDF (Size: 3.13 Mb Type: pdf )

Customer Service Excellence (CSE)
In September 2011 Environment and Culture became the first Directorate within Birmingham City Council to attain Customer Service Excellence (CSE) accreditation in all of its service areas. The Customer Service Excellence standard offers public services a practical tool for driving customer-focused change within their organisation. The Directorate will strive to maintain the accreditation and seek to improve upon its current assessment.

A summary of the Directorate CSE assessment report is attached, together with the assessment criteria.

E&C Directorate CSE report 2011

 PDF (Size: 252 Kb Type: pdf )

CSE Assessment Criteria:

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