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Waste Management - Equality

Birmingham City Council Equality Information
Birmingham City Council believes that considering equality is not just about meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, it also means promoting fairness and equal opportunities for all its customers and staff.

To comply with the law, and to go beyond, we need to monitor the different characteristics and needs of our customers and staff. If we don’t collect relevant information; such as age, race, sex etc; we can never know if we are addressing equalities issues.

Attached below is our ‘Customer Charter' for Fleet and Waste Management. It explains more about how we monitor the customers and staff of the services delivered by this directorate, and how we have changed the way we provide our services because of this information.

Fleet and Waste Management offer an assisted collection service to customers that have a disability or that are elderly and infirm. This service is available on request for customers that receive individual sack and recycling box collections from their properties. we are currently not able to provide assisted collections to customers that have their waste collected in large wheeled containers.

Local and diverse community events supported by staff from Fleet and Waste Management

Fleet and Waste Management have supported a variety of large community events including Vaisakhi at Handsworth Park, Eid Mela at Cannon Hill Park, the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Diwali and Birmingham Pride.

In addition to providing support at community events Fleet and Waste management have organised events and provided information to engage with the community:

  • The Waste Prevention Team identified an area in Harborne with a high rate of wheelie bin incorrect use; including mixed and contaminated recycling materials, overflowing refuse bins and side waste. It was noted from direct engagement carried out by the team that a high proportion of the residents in the locale were Chinese nationals who were students; the majority of whom were renting from a single private landlord. A simplified wheelie bin guidance letter was produced and translated in to Chinese (Mandarin). The private landlord agreed to distribute the translated letter to all of his Chinese tenants, and place laminated copies in his properties; and he has been involved in further work to identify other private landlords with similar tenant groups that can be engaged in the same way.
  • Working in partnership with the Councillors for Lozells and East Handsworth Ward and the Perry Barr District Ward Support Officer; officers from the Waste Prevention Team and managers from Perry Barr Waste Depot conducted a series of talks before Friday prayer in mosques on the general topics of waste prevention, waste disposal and recycling. The initiative is due to be rolled out to other religious places of worship. To date 4 talks have been delivered to approximately 1000 people in total.

Consultation of a Wheeled Bin Scheme in Birmingham with Protected User Groups

The pilot programme for the collection of recycling and rubbish using wheelie bins commenced in May 2013 in the Brandwood Ward for 8,916 properties, followed in June 2013 by the start of wheelie bin collections at 7,098 properties in the Harborne Ward. Prior to implementation consultation was carried out with Protected User Groups across Birmingham to address any concerns that they may have.