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Human Resources and Employee Relations for schools

HR is a traded services offer. Schools, academies, independent, free schools and other organisations can access the Gold or Silver offer for employee relations consultancy advice, policies and procedures and/or HR operations and transactional work. The HR portal is the main interface with our customers and provides a modern technical platform to process all employee transactions, provides regular news items and access to a range of policies, guidance and management toolkits. There is also a range of excellent HR added value and pay as you go services, which can be purchased separately. To access the Pay as you Go services, there is no need to sign up to the Gold or Silver offer.

Our model is based on supporting the customer and building excellent relationships with our partners to improve outcomes for children or to the organisation. We provide one of the most fully comprehensive HR services for schools and academies in the country and work closely with other partners and professionals to ensure that the best possible HR and legal service is provided. For schools in Birmingham, our teams are structured around the ten districts.

Our recent customer service concluded that 96% of our customers were satisfied with the HR service and 88% said that they would recommend us.

The summary of the traded service offer is as follows:

1. Employee Relations (ER) Consultancy Team: Two dedicated consultants and a first line response team are allocated to every school or customer providing a true enterprise. Your ER consultants get to know you, your school, locality and workforce issues. They provide solution focussed advice on disciplinary, capability, redundancy, restructure, appraisal, attendance management, grievance, dignity at work, managing change, employment tribunals, policies, procedures, employment law updates, TUPE academy conversions and structural solutions. An annual training programme is available for ALL customers, including ER attendance at consortia meetings or even the provision of bespoke briefings at staff training days. An ER response team provides initial advice and guidance and will help ensure that your telephone calls are dealt with promptly.

Some testimonials from our customers

'Throughout, your advice and moral support has been utterly exceptional for the Governors and for me personally. As an inexperienced Headteacher, your quick and clear responses to email, voicemails and calls has always been a rock to me and I shall personally remain deeply grateful for that..... you have been incredibly supportive and given me the confidence to deal with our problems head on and ensure we could focus on the more important aspects of running a school. Personally, there were days when your calm and clear advice was the only thing that stopped me from feeling overwhelming and defeated'.

'We achieved a Good in OFSTED.......I want you to know because the support you have offered over the last year was an integral part of this success'.

'Thank you so much; I could not ask for greater support'

2. HR Operations Team: Dedicated contacts are aligned to every school or customer. The Schools Workforce Census (SWC) is collated and administered on behalf of all schools purchasing the Gold or Silver HR Operations service at no extra charge. Regular news items, advice on maternity, paternity, school leaders, pay and conditions and contracts is always available on the portal 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Workforce data security is at AAA standard. A helpdesk provides support with any technical or portal queries. Employee reports and data are available to managers, such as staff absence and salary checking. There is a continued programme of upgrading to the HR portal.

3. Recruitment Team and Pay as You Go HR Services: Professional advice and support on senior appointments, psychometric testing, mediation, advertising and a post box service. Advice and administration support is available throughout the recruitment process, including advice on advert content, design, use of social media and talent search. A new teacher talent team provides an exciting and innovative concept, with the opportunity for teachers to work at up to five different schools across the city in a variety of contexts.

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is available to all schools, academies and free schools, as well as to any private or public sector organisations. A Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) pool provides an annual pool of up to 600 NQT’s seeking their first teaching opportunity. Single Central Record (SCR) checks and audits are providing schools with training and support to ensure compliance. A qualified mediation service, can help provide interventions in a process or where there are relationship issues to resolve or settle disputes. Right to Work (RTW) advice and sponsorship is provided by an experienced and informed team.

Service contact details:

Contact details for NEW business enquiries:

Charlene Whittingham, New Business Lead

Telephone (0121) 4646775 (office hours)

E mail: charlene.whittingham@birmingham.gov.uk

Contact details for EXISTING business enquiries:

Tony Middleton, Head of Employee Relations

Telephone: 0121 303 9782 (office hours)

E mail: tony.middleton@birmingham.gov.uk

Samantha Hulson, Head of Schools HR and Academies

Telephone: (0121) 303 2338

E mail: samantha.hulson@birmingham.gov.uk