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Schools Catering, Cleaning and Peripatetic Caretaking Services

School Catering

Whole school catering services including Breakfast, Mid-Morning Break, Lunchtime, After School, Staffroom Service, Internal and External Functions.

More information about the meals service is available on our school meals web site.

School Cleaning

Cityserve cleaning services provide a clean, hygienic and safe environment for all building users and keep the use of chemicals to a minimum for environmental reasons.

Cleaning of school areas, including high-level and deep cleaning, where specified. Cleaning Machine supply and repair.

See the Cleaning Services web page for more details.

Mobile Caretaking Services

Mobile Caretaking Services provide mobile Caretaker or Shift Supervisors to complete a range of duties to cover sickness, holiday or where there is a vacancy.

Long / short term full caretaking cover, school opening and secure closing, key-holding service.

See the Caretaking Services web page for more details.

Contact for Business Enquiries:

Telephone: 0121 464 9002

email: dsenquiries@birmingham.gov.uk