Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Birmingham Audit

Birmingham Audit provides a high quality professional internal audit consultancy service to schools, academies and Educational Settings, offering:
  • established or bespoke audits coving all aspects of service delivery,
  • advice and guidance,
  • bespoke training

Charges for consultancy work are based on a daily charge out rate. Costs for work required will be discussed with clients on an individual job by job basis.

Examples of the work we undertake are provided below:

Internal Control

  • Assisting with setting up effective internal control arrangements
  • Examining and evaluating existing systems of internal control
  • Examining, evaluating and reporting on the effective use of resources
  • Appraisal of specific areas of control on an ad hoc basis.


  • Reviewing the effectiveness of the Governing Body/Senior Management Team in delivering high standards of Corporate, Strategic and Financial Governance.

Risk Management

  • Advising on, and/or facilitating, the implementation of an effective Risk Management Process.

Other Services

  • Providing assurance on the effectiveness of non-financial areas, for instance compliance with safeguarding requirements, IT security
  • Providing advice and guidance via training to managers, staff and governors or through face to face or telephone discussions
  • Providing advice and support on the Schools Financial Value Standard
  • Investigating, and/or providing advice and support in detecting and preventing fraud
  • Assisting in the development of financial procedures
  • Undertaking computer audit reviews giving assurance on controls to manage IT risks
  • Advising on ISO and other quality related work
  • Providing support with Value for Money/Value Added issues.

Specific Services for Academies

  • Advising on compliance with the requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook and reporting periodically to relevant Boards/Committees on the effectiveness of Academy control and governance arrangements
  • Supporting the ‘Responsible Finance Officer’ by advising, carrying out checks and supplementing the role as required
  • Undertaking the ‘Responsible Finance Officer’ role, reporting directly to relevant Boards/Committee
  • Providing the annual report on the effectiveness of the internal control environment to support the annual accounts.

The Auditor

 The Auditor, Issue 43 (Special Edition), October 2015 (Size: 677 Kb Type: PDF )

This special edition concentrates primarily on the return of full audit visits to schools.

Contact for Business Enquiries

School Specific Enquiries

Don Price, Group Auditor
Tel: 0121 303 2970
email: don.price@birmingham.gov.uk

Karen Smith, Principal Auditor
Tel: 0121 675 0249
email: karen.p.smith@birmingham.gov.uk

Fraud Related Enquiries

Neil Farquharson, Group Auditor
Tel: 0121 303 2185
email: neil.farquharson@birmingham.gov.uk

General Enquiries

Tel: 0121 303 3869
email: birminghamaudit@birmingham.gov.uk